InspectLab has partnership with companies operating in the following fields:

  • Industrial Construction Engineering
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Green Power
  • Water Treatment
  • Accreditation Bodies




AITI (Associazione Industrie Ticinesi)

INSPECTLAB is an Official Partner of AITI Servizi SA and provide Industrial Services and Consulting for all the assiciated company.

The objectives of AITI Servizi SA are:

  • to meet the needs of businesses in the service sector.
  • acting as an intermediary in specific service sectors.
  • create and propose new solutions for businesses, in particular those associated with AITI.

AITI is the main Switzerland cantonal organisation of enterprises in all branches of industry. In order to represent and effectively protect the interests of the business system, AITI disseminates and makes shared those values that are based on individual freedom and that have in the company their practical expression.

AITI is the association of Switzerland Industries (Ticino), an independent organization based in Lugano and founded in 1962.

Its purpose is to promote and support the Swiss industries of Canton Ticino. Over 200 companies are affiliated with the association.