InspectLAB is a company based on the experience of a team of quality technicians working in strategic areas where are based the most important producers of turbines, pumps, pressure vessels, compressors, electric motors, heat exchangers, pipes, valves, fittings.

With a wide presence of qualified staff, InspectLAB covers the most of European countries.

The company is focused to provide client a high level of quality services, compliance with timing and management of issues related to the project.

A quality control system of its staff is available in order to keep their standards always at the top level.

The InspectLAB staff, during its job experience, has contributed to the construction, commissioning and follow up, in the quality field, of several industrial plants everywhere in the World.

InspectLAB is a reliable partner to build industrial plants more efficient and safe, with guarantee of high quality job.

The Company core business for is the supply of services such as inspection, expediting and technical advice in Oil & Gas and Power Generation fields, using a network of technical engineers with huge experience reached with longtime collaboration with engineering companies, major contractors, international industries.

Flexibility and efficiency of InspectLAB technicians, together with their technical knowledge is a must for testing, inspection and product certification activities.

A dynamic and capillary structure makes possible the on demand availability in order of 24 hours with high quality and detailed reports.

InspectLAB has partnership with leading engineering companies and certification bodies operating worldwide.

With these important partnerships InspectLAB is available to cover the wide range of industry certifications in mechanical, electrical and quality system fields.